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WordPress Development

Tonio users encode audio broadcasts with an inaudible signal they pair with a mobile experience. Working with this startup in its early years gave me opportunities to create B2B content in new formats. Since Tonio is an Austrian company, the WordPress dashboard was in German. I don’t speak German. Luckily, I recognize the WordPress icons well enough to develop web content (like this page) with Elementor.

Wifi, Bluetooth, Tonio. Let's agree on technology and compete on content.


On-brand copywriting for Tonio is authoritative yet casual. Important B2B landing pages include the GDPR-compliant Privacy Policy and Product FAQ.


The most fun aspect of this project was designing branded icons. I used open source editor GIMP to combine and brand icons downloaded as free sets.


I enabled the chat window and wrote copy that translates well through in-browser translators.

Product Manual

I designed the printable product manual in MS Publisher. It prints on A1 paper as a 4-page foldable manual and specification sheet.

Download the technical product specsheet (PDF).

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