Viral Video Scriptwriting

The Finest Network is a well-tuned viral video-producing machine. As part of their global team, I researched and wrote 25 voiceover scripts like the examples below. Here’s one example of a “listicle” script I wrote for a viral video, “10 Most Exclusive Abandoned Cars In The World!” Scriptwriting for this viral video channel required factual research and copywriting in an upbeat, engaging voice.

Fun facts? Is there any other kind?! Researching examples for the listicle suggestions was the heavy lifting. Once I had enough points to work with, exciting copy practically writes itself.

Script, “10 Most Exclusive Abandoned Cars in the World!” (PDF)

YouTube title screen for "5 Scariest Japanese Urban Legends Caught on Camera!"

Script, “5 Scariest Japanese Urban Legends Caught on Camera!”

By the time I completed 25 scripts in the format, I was a master at timing written voiceover copy to fit in the allotted time for for spoken dialog.