FinTech UX & Onboarding

Users of white label software need a smooth setup and quality training for the product to be successful with end-users. I joined the UX Design team at ClearScale to produce UX design copy, support copy, and produce training copy for multiple audiences.

UX – Huntington Bank had just acquired the startup Torana for its mobile-friendly payment disbursement app. The user-facing screens needed a brand overhaul while the developers still worked on the data ingestion. I performed QA on the design copy within Figma to streamline usability and add the fresh new tone users expect of FinTech apps.

Training & Support – I worked with the tenant customer success manager and the lead developers to understand user roles. Knowing it’s a web-only training manual I leverage animated screenshots by creating a few fast gifs.

Tenants/clients – ChoicePay New Case Setup

Customer success managers – New Tenant Onboarding