Healthcare Articles

I’m proficient at healthcare writing after working as a healthcare and medical librarian for 7 years. Much of my days with the UB Research Foundation involved reading article abstracts and managing healthcare taxonomies.

My copywriting career began with freelance medical article writing gigs through Upwork. My natural writing style lends well to the authoritative yet accessible tone healthcare brands are after. I learned the art and science of keyword-rich writing with guidance from clients. I received training to use tools like Moz to add SEO keywords along with the MeSH keywords, AMA codes, PubMed IDs, and ICD-10 codes I was already skilled at finding.

"Shannon developed a complete understanding of our specialized work requirements very quickly and performed her work brilliantly. We enjoyed to work with Shannon. A job well done!"

Conditions, symptoms, treatments, interventions… Writing and rewriting encyclopedia-style healthcare articles for patients and practitioners was the focus of my freelance work from 2010-2020. I performed research, added to CMS libraries, and added HTML formatting or markdown to copy when necessary.

Check out some articles I wrote for the now-defunct encyclopedia site, as PDFs.

Adhesive Capsulitis

Anabolic Steroids

Bartholin’s Cyst

Repetitive Strain Injuries