FPLCO.com Redesign & Migration

The committee tasked with a new website build for Frank P. Langley & Co., Inc. was stuck when I came on as a print marketing consultant. I offered to help, relying on experience from past WordPress migrations. I created a simple style guide building off existing marketing. Most importantly, I decided on page titles and global navigation as I have for other WordPress sites (including this one).

B2B landing page engineering

System design engineers helped me to understand what customers want most in terms of products and system design services. My global navigation recommendation and style guide give the developers what they needed to start work, and I continued leading content.

Their input along with product literature informed landing pages to showcase faster order fulfillment, and custom parts assembled on-site.

Built with Elementor in WordPress

The new Frank P. Langley website is mobile-friendly with an aesthetic that honors FPL’s history. I designed the hero graphics in-house using GIMP for iconography and Canva (hey, it’s fast) for images. I developed the individual pages with product photos and new page copy in Elementor. I introduced the gold tone to make CTAs pop and settled on a modern/industrial font scheme.