Fundraising, sales, sponsorship- call it what you will! Your organization is competing for funds. The budget would be bigger if you could create more awareness. You could advertise, if you had more of a budget.

Getting support from your supporters shouldn’t be a struggle! So, where do you start?

Effective fundraising requires several interdependent objectives:

  • Brand/group image and awareness
  • Ad pricing and sponsor package valuation
  • Pitch decks
  • Sales and negotiation

Many not-for-profits and start-ups I have worked with have all said the same thing, “Bringing in the first big check is the hardest part.” Small organizations can provide big value to the right businesses, you just have to understand how to market sponsorship as an opportunity not a charity.

Before you ask them, ask yourself;

    • Do we know our target demographic?
    • Do we know the value of what we’re offering?
    • Are we equipped to close the deal when someone’s interested?

SDPR can furnish you with the collateral you need to do your own asks, or approach business partners on your behalf. Don’t miss out on opportunities because you are not sure how much to request or how to ask.