Inbox Zero Challenge

Right now, keeping up on all of the projects I’m balancing is not much of a problem. Still I cannot resist exploring different ideas on productivity. There are evidently two schools of thought about the inbox: keep it clean or what I call laisssez-faire inbox. Right now I have over 8,100 emails in my inbox. […]

The Paper vs. Email War

What could be more fun on a Monday morning than thinking about conflict on your marketing team? This one is closer to home than you might think. Teaching a group to blog together can stir up unexpected problems. Lets picture this writer and editor: Rob emails Mary a newsletter article draft for review. Mary prints it […]

Staying Organized in the Digital Workspace

Staying Organized in the Digital Workspace

The world recently sighed a collective sigh of relief when it was procliamed that there is no such thing as multitasking. It’s no coincidence that when email became readily accessible the myth of the hyperproductive multitasker came about. The person who emails you back instantly is the vision of superior competence. Behind that curtain is a person who is […]