QC x Streetwear

From ‘let’s do this’ to ‘launched’ in two weeks, the story of QC x Streetwear.

Qween City started in 2016 when editor Kristy Mangel pivoted from producing comedy shows to a longer lasting format, the webzine! I met Kristy at Milkie’s Comedy Open Mic, and so she invited me to contribute content and after a few conversations it was decided Shannon Dawn was to lead business development.

The idea of getting into e-commerce has been kicking around since QweenCity took hold and began publishing content daily. Since I’d begun consulting on extension strategies, a couple of streetwear concepts began to form. Two weeks before Thanksgiving 2018, QC editor Kristy Michelle gave me the go-ahead to launch the line.

IG ads holidays 2017 (5)
“get it on” cyber monday promotion


Naming the line QC x Streetwear was almost a no-brainer. Kristy has been building the formula, ala QC x GP. Extrapolating the concept just makes sense.


Streetwear is evocative of band t-shirts and skateboard brands. Shannon’s designs use the QC Crown logo in the same contexts.


We decided on a small run on an exclusive pre-order basis. Wooden T-shirts won out as the screenprinter for our first run of merch for a number of reasons. The setup and placement fees were lower than average and they offer soft slim fit shirts. Plus the shop’s other projects reflected good taste in kind with our own concept.

Webstore: We used Big Commerce to create a stunning webstore in two days. The free features are more than adequate for our e-commerce needs. SDPR handled everything from the creative elements to the the nitty; designed graphics, wrote product descriptions, and configured the shipping. This was SDPRs first e-commence experience with setting up a promotion with a coupon code, and it functioned seamlessly.

male model in QC tshirt
Screencap of men’s design on the QC x Streetwear webstore
put on your crown
teaser ad


QC ran a teaser campaign online including both organic and sponsored posts on Facebook and Instagram.

The look was consistent and bold throughout the preview, Black Friday launch, and the Cyber Monday promotion. Put on Your Crown and Get it On won out as slogans.

The end product resulted in high exposure and a boost in revenue for an up and coming start-up!

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