Inbox Zero Challenge

Right now, keeping up on all of the projects I’m balancing is not much of a problem. Still I cannot resist exploring different ideas on productivity.

There are evidently two schools of thought about the inbox: keep it clean or what I call laisssez-faire inbox. Right now I have over 8,100 emails in my inbox. Nearly 15% of them are unread. “This isn’t making a good case for your consulting biz, Shannon.” To that I say I will not allow myself to be shamed! My appointments go on the calendar, commitments go on the to-do list. However, I am proud but reasonable. A friend is insisting that Inbox Zero is the way to go and I am always interested in productivity.

Changing my routene is a risky move. Moving all of my important emails to folders could create a cascade of barriers in my work, confuse me and make effieiciency a thing of the past. (Yes I take organizational routines this seriously.) I am going to give Inbox Zero a try. I have made a few folders for the different realms in which I use information (work, purchases, important corespondance.) Luckily a background in info science makes the odds I’ve made useful categories a pretty safe bet. So checking the folders will be an extra step in addition to the productivity tools I already use, but allgegedlly this will make me a turbo info processor. Inbox Zero must entail some other steps and philosophies I suppose I’ll come into as I research this further.

The point I intended to make originally was that your new resolution doesn’t have to be sexy. It doesn’t even have to be in Jaunary. Just try to find a new way to make your life better.

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