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Staying Organized in the Digital Workspace

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The world recently sighed a collective sigh of relief when it was procliamed that there is no such thing as multitasking. It’s no coincidence that when email became readily accessible the myth of the hyperproductive multitasker came about. The person who emails you back instantly is the vision of superior competence. Behind that curtain is a person who is neglecting large products to fire back a response to said emails. The brain can only do one thing at a time. Switching among tasks all day can seem really impressive -but sparks are just wasted energy.

How do you keep track of what to focus on if you aren’t just performing the first task under your nose? As much as I love Toodledo, I have found I don’t stick with it. I use a few simple tools to stay organized- mostly features of my Gmail account: Tasks, Calendar and Documents.

I have a few different lists of tasks- ongoing projects and regular duties. It is like having to-do lists with salient emails attached. If I need to find some info, I search the inbox. Admittedly, this system does not force old emails out.

Whether I’m budgeting a project, composing a blog or planning a party menu, the info lives in my Google Documents account. I can access my work and jot down ideas pretty much anywhere. This is as close to having a personal assistant you can get for free and by that I mean that I am pretty productive. Still, a new year presents new opportunities and I could always stand to be more efficient.

How do YOU stay organized?

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