PR & Media Services

Shannon Dawn PR

Writer, information manager & event promoter

Welcome to the home base of my freelance writing and project management consultancy. The name Shannon Dawn PR has been my catch-all since I began taking on local publicity and event planning projects in 2009. My background as a digital-age librarian fostered a rich spectrum of experiences leading up to the expansive platform of services I offer today.

A creative writer who also does software implementation. Freelance publicist, public relations practitioner, social media consultant and event/fundraising planner.
Specializing in healthcare and software as a service (SAAS) content.

helloquence-61189Web services:

  • Rebranding and web redesign project management
  • Social media campaigns

Content planning and technical writing

How much help do you need to run a robust inbound marketing campaign complete with SEO-optimized web content and a well thought out social media strategy? Whether you need someone to furnish the content or set up your staff to keep the trains running on time successfully, we can do that!

Public relations strategies


Extension strategies are different for everybody. Depending on where you are at and where you wish to be, a mix of different techniques are appropriate.


  • Branding: color/font schemes, style guides
  • Iconography: Logos and other symbols
  • Print collateral
  • Apparel and promotion design

Sponsorship and marketing consulting

  • Marketing and print collateral design
  • Presentation decks
  • Sponsorship and B2B relationship-building

Available for retainer or per project.